Duro Beam Steel Building Kit FAQ's

Fast answers to the most common steel building kit questions.

Our Steel Buildings FAQ's Section

What kind of buildings does Duro Beam Buildings sell?
We sell prefabricated commercial, industrial, retail and Residential Red Iron Steel Rigid Frame buildings and structures.

Does Duro Bea Buildings  sell steel building components & accessories?
YES! We carry a variety of building components and accessories (Roof panels, wall panels, girts, purlins, doors, windows, vents, insulation, etc.) separately as well as included with your building kit.

What type of I-Beam Buildings do you offer?
Aircraft Hangars
Single Slope
Monitor Style
Lean to
If you are looking for something custom please let us know.

How do I determine how the height of the building is measured on a I-Beam structure?
We measure the building height of the building by the eave height of the structure.

Do you ever have any cancelled order specials?
No. Cancelled order specials as they call it are generally pitched as part of a common sales tactics used mostly by companies who run a telephone sales room also known as a boiler room. We do on the other hand have many internet specials listed on our site.

Can you send me a quote without talking to me?
We would like to start off by saying that we are not a telemarketing organization, we can understand your concern of being on a call list, but we can assure you that is not the case with us.

Since there are so many available features on a building quote we prefer talking to you directly just to get as much detail as possible. Once we submit the quote to you we will follow up with you to make sure you received it to see if you have any additional questions. From there we will only contact you as per your request. However, if you prefer to communicate via email only that’s perfectly fine with us.

What roof pitch option does Duro Beam Buildings offer?
We offer standard roof pitches from ½:12- 4:12, should you need something steeper we also offer many other options.

Will Duro Beam Buildings provide me anchor bolt plans for my building?
Yes, stamped engineered anchor bolt plans are included with every building purchase.

Can you provide me with foundation engineering for my project?
Yes, if you need the foundation drawings you may purchase stamped engineered foundation plans for your project – they will be provided to you in both digital and printed formats.

Will my Duro Beam Steel building meet my local building codes?
Yes, the engineers working on your steel building are licensed throughout the US including Alaska and Hawaii and we can assure you that we double check every single order to make sure the building will meet and or exceed requirements.

Do I need to pull a permit for my steel building?
This is a question best suited for your local building department. The answer varies depending on your location and local regulations. Generally speaking a building permit is required. While Duro Beam does not pull any permits we can provide you with building drawings and calculations stamped by an engineer so you can pull your own permits.

What kind of Engineering is included with my building purchase?
Anchor Bolt Drawings
Structural Calculations 

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